Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shit Canadians say to Aboriginal Women

"Drawing attention to the abuse and victimization Aboriginal women face as a result of negative stereotypes in Canadian culture. Activism project for Women's Studies class in reflection after watching the Stolen Sisters documentary."  Description of the video on Youtube. 

This was difficult to listen to all at once. I've had every statement here in some form said to me. It's an incredible thing that my experiences have been shared all across Canada by other Aboriginal people. That the racism (and it is racism) I thought came from individual people, fellow classmates, teachers and strangers I've met was just that, an individual attitude. But, that isn’t the case. Like it’s said in the video systemic racism is ingrained in society’s treatment of Aboriginal people.  Aboriginal women are devalued and the violence they face is trivialized.  
As I work to eliminate violence against women I continue to encounter these false stereotypes placed upon myself and my people. It’s getting to be exhausting.

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