Monday, March 12, 2012

Keira Knightley Experiences Domestic Violence

It’s a funny thing to be posting this video now, I remember watching it a year and a half ago. I found it powerful at the time but because of life I didn’t dwell on it.  However, for no reason I can think of it popped into my head this afternoon.  I felt I should look it up and share it with everyone else. 

The beginning could be the start of any number of commercials: Keira Knightley selling makeup remover for the woman on the go, your standard car commercial or movie trailer.  But the shot of a man framed by the glass windows shifts the entire mood. I really didn’t want Keira to get off the elevator.
Maybe it’s because I’m a filmmaker that I find this is a really moving psa.  When Keira Knightley looks directly in the camera “breaking character” I was ready to shout cut before she asked me to. 

"The Cut" was an advert made by Women's Aid, a UK charity.  

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  1. too often tv and movies have made us spectators of violence and normalized it...I always tell kids that your brain does not know you are watching a show with characters that go home later...your brain just sees violence in soft becomes hard to make an impact and grow compassion..the only way people can be moved to act is by real experience...your banners


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