Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dignity Revolution Syria

Most of my posts relate to violence against women or the aboriginal peoples of North America. But, I’m against the oppression of all people and violent acts of any kind. I believe combating violence against women is working toward a peaceful world for everyone.   

Tonight I had the opportunity to sit and listen to what is happening in Syria.  Truthfully I did not know much about Syria beyond what I’ve seen in the news.  As a metis woman I’m all too familiar with matters concerning indigenous people represented incorrectly, partially or not at all in the media. The lecture I attended was led by Canadian Syrians, asking for support from the Winnipeg community. I feel it is important to share what I learned and continue to learn more on what’s going on.    

This video is of a flash mob event that happened at The University of Manitoba.

I cried watching this, a lot of the people in this video are my friends and I could not imagine a world without them. It’s frightening and heartbreaking to comprehend not only the loss of life happening but the pain experienced. 

What they are asking for us to do:
Pray for Assad’s end and the revolution triumph. If you don’t pray, wish well for them.
Tell your family members and friends about the Syrian struggle.
Donate for refugees and support relief efforts.
Call your MP and demand an immediate Canadian action to protect the Syrian people.
Call Stephen Harper to expel Assad’s ambassador to Ottawa. 

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