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Monday, September 29, 2008

I have had an interesting journey making the first Men’s Banner shown in a previous post. It is an example banner. One I bring with me everywhere when I talk to groups or march in rallies. My next few of posts will be of my experience making the first banner in 2008.


From left to right
Sid Rashid (UMSU Vice President)
Thane Carr (My older brother and UMASA member)
Brock Campbell (UMASA Co-President)
Clayton Thomas (UMASA Co-Event’s Coordinator)
Jonny Sopotiuk (UMSU President)

Monday, September 29 was the official day I started the banner. I set up in the hallway of University Centre at the University of Manitoba. I had asked several students from different organizations on campus to be the first to have their hands on the banner.


Later on in the day Mitch Tripple (UMSU Vice President) placed his hand on the banner.

I was very optimistic about this project. I thought the banner would be covered quickly and that I would need another one before the Christmas break.
To me asking men to promise not to commit an act of violence seemed a simple request. That anyone would want to lend a hand.

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