Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winnipeg Folk Festival 2011

July was a fantastic and busy month for me.  The Men's Banner Project was one of the Winnipeg Folk Festival's Campground Art and Animation projects. I created and exhibited a Men's Banner, a process that took place throughout the five days of the festival. 

I love folk fest and have been going every summer for most of my life. I always camp in the festival campground; it becomes an amazing tented village.  There’s always music being played and some form of art or animation happening all through the night.  It’s a beautiful experience. I thought it would be the perfect place to bring this idea of men acknowledging their peacefulness and their very powerful role in creating a non-violent world. I believe that folk fest has always had an undercurrent of solidarity, peacefulness, acceptance, tolerance, neighborliness beyond the sharing of good music and fun times.

Here are a few pictures highlighting the whole week.  

K. D. Lang Main Stage Performance

Festival Campground

Tipi Village in Festival Campground
Beautiful sunrise letting campers know they stayed up way too late

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